Task 1

1. Make Your own opinion for the two candidates

Prabowo and hatta is a good man.Prabowo is a bold, firmly, and discipline in carrying out their duties.He is a former soldier who protect Indonesia from the other countries and keep stability and security in indonesia.While hatta knowing economy in indonesia because he is a financial minister for five recent years that makes it well aware of the problems that exist in indonesia.

Jokowi and jusuf kalla is a great man. Jokowi is a simple person and so glad “blusukan”. He is a former Mayor and now serves as the Governor makes him aware of the Government from the bottom up to the top. He also knows the business world or the economy because he was a moderately successful businessman. While jusuf kalla is a businessman who quite successful and make him understand will be the state of the economy of indonesia.He was a former vice president and at once served he made some peace in indonesia. He also had soul social high because he ' s become a chairman of PMI

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