The Story About My BestFriend

The Story About My Bestfriend

The Story About My Bestfriend
Hello my name is Antonius atmadinata, my live is simple and I live in bekasi. I live with my father, mother, and sisters I really love them. Besides them there are also meaningful in my life is my best friend. Friend different with bestfriend, I will show you here is the my best friend who had been with me in the happy or hard. They are sincere they should bring me up to this point, once again it is my best friend, maybe of you reading this you know me and I do not intend to discriminate if you are not my best friend, but time takes me to the memory of them. If you know me so well, I will try to know you too. I'm sorry if this many shortcomings during to know you. So where do I begin?

Okay firstly I will tell you about Taufik. He is the chairman of Disconnected and he is so absurd. Even though he was the Chairman, he is usually got bully by us haha. Ehhh , That does not mean we don ' t respect him. Sometimes he does silly things. However he still a person whose understand the other and he is Lucky in his love and he is a good instigator.

Next taufik’s twins, named Hidayat. Even though they are twins but they have very different characteristic. If taufik is absurd, but hidayat is more serious and positive thinking. However he knows when the right time for joking, and which the moment to serious.

A person who I think most patiently in the group is ade, the real name is nurahadiyanto. In his patienty, he was so silent when there are problems. Nevertheless, he was also wise and authoritative, somewhat jaim if in front of a woman hehe. And for the affairs of women? He less Lucky.

Next is Sandi. He is a most like delusions for all aspects. He very like joking and also absurd. If he isn’t it will be not fun. He is fans of member idol group in japan. He is very fond of japan until want to stay there. He is very afraid with a ghost.

Hafid or often in call apit, actually he is a smart guy, but he is lazy like taufik does. Full of jokes and easily incited by taufik.

Danny in call aki, he be called aki because he looks like a grandy, hehe.  The genius of music and he is a little bit more mature than other. Aki enjoy to confide in everytime. But easy in gullible.

Andaru in call keki  he is very loyal and active. Even so active he was often mistaken for HyperActive hehehe (kidding). Very confident and good at sports,but Kind of silly.

Next the name is imam, If sandi look Imam must be laughter. Because he very often bully hahaha. Even though, he a good man and often to helped all. Imam is very brave with ghost.

And the last is yusuf in call ucup. Ucup was the easy in trust and could keep a secret of the many mybestfriends . He always busy with his smartphone.

yellow = present tense
red = past tense
purple = future tense

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